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Assistance and assurance in quality control by our neutral test institute with neutral testing report and result for our end user reference. Moreover, we work closely with research institutes and universities, for some rare intermediate testing method and customer requirement.

Association with our fully on-site equipped laboratories with equipment to make all possible analyses and highly qualified chemists guarantee a high standard of analyze method.

Thanks to the professional chemists and engineers hard-work spirit, we successfully develop some applicable intermediates and specialty raw materials for our principal needs. Our laboratories combined the institute research ability and fine chemical plants capacity to make a total newly research and development area.

QC department is equipped with instruments as below:
1. HPLC (high performance liquid chromatograph)
2. GC (Gas Chromatograph)
3. Spectrophotometer
4. AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer)
5. Spectrofluorometer
6. Polarimeter
7. Auto titrator
8. BOD Incubator
9. COD Incubator
10. Precision balance
11. Melting point apparatus
12. TLC system